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Rene Paul Mousseux


Rene Mousseux, owner of RPM Stunts and International Stunt Association Member, has coordinated and worked on a wide variety of feature films, both national and international television commercials as well as many network and cable television programs. Rene’s wide scope of talents range from stunt rigger, driver, water specialist and all around stuntman.

By the age of twenty with over a decade of diving experience, Rene Mousseux became one of Technical Diving International’s youngest Instructor Trainers and managing partner of one of the Western United States most successful diving operations. He then quickly carved out a niche for his area of expertise and formed Aqua Image, a diving consultation business specializing in photography, videography, closed-circuit rebreather training, shark diving and salvage work. It did not take long before Rene’s professionalism and safety-minded approach caught the eye of producers for National Geographic and the British Broadcasting Company. It was here, where Rene gained valuable experience in natural history film documentaries as diving trainer, safety diver, animal wrangler, assistant camera and fixer.

Although Rene Mousseux’s marine and underwater experience would be difficult to match, he managed to divide his time equally with the world of competitive rodeos. By growing up in a western environment, Rene quickly learned that breaking quarter horses and traveling to jackpot rodeos meant cash in his pocket. Little did he know that his two passions would set the stage for his life as a stuntman.


The Company

RPM Stunts has been in action for over 10 years. The company has a stellar reputation in Hollywood and around the world for stunt performance and related services. Our work has been seen on television, in feature films and many national commercial campaigns. Located in California, RPM is central to the happenings in the world of film, television and commercial productions and a step away from any location where stunt services are required.

As a world-wide expert in the field of stunt coordination, RPM Stunts is the ONLY company to hire for your production. When looking for experience, excellent safety record and attention to detail, RPM Stunts is the answer. We can brag all day long about our abilities, yet, we prefer you check out our Portfolio for yourself. We are constantly evolving and looking for new and innovative methods to provide the best service for our clients while maintaining superior safety and expertise.

Rent Our Equipment

We provide top of the line equipment for commercial, television and feature film productions.

Delivery services available upon request.

Fully Insured

RPM Stunts maintains a full line of rental equipment including:

  • Fall pads
  • Air bags
  • Rigging equipment
  • Safety gear
  • Fire burn equipment

  • Mini tramps
  • Trampolines
  • Jump/pipe ramps
  • Air rams
  • Ratchets

  • Winch systems
  • Descenders
  • Actor pads
  • Jerk vests and flying harnesses



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